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Accelerated Simulation

Accelerate model simulations and deploy standalone simulations

To run simulations that help characterize the behavior of models of hybrid dynamic systems, build executable programs that are highly optimized for non-real-time simulation on your development computer. To build the executable programs, configure the code generator to use the RSim (rsim.tlc) system target file. The speed of the generated code is good for batch or Monte Carlo simulations.


The rapid simulation (RSim) system target file (rsim.tlc) will be removed in a future release.

  • To speed up simulations, use the Simulink® Rapid Accelerator simulation mode. Rapid Accelerator simulation mode provides the same functionality as the RSim system target file, but is easier to use. See Design Your Model for Effective Acceleration.

  • To deploy standalone simulations outside of the MATLAB® and Simulink environment, use the Simulink Compiler™. The Simulink Compiler provides a turnkey solution for building and sharing simulations as standalone executables that package a compiled Simulink model with MATLAB code that sets up, runs, and analyzes model simulations. See Comparing Simulink Coder and Simulink Compiler (Simulink Compiler) (Simulink Compiler).


rsimgetrtpGlobal model parameter structure
rsimsetrtpparamSet parameters of rtP model parameter structure