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Build Process

Set up compiler or IDE, configure and initiate build process, troubleshoot compiler errors

Before you can build an executable program or shared library for a model, choose and set up a compiler or IDE and configure the target environment. Several methods are available for initiating the build process. Tooling is available for reloading, rebuilding, and relocating generated code.

If your system includes referenced models, reduce build time and control whether the code generator regenerates code for the top model.

To improve the speed of code execution, consider using available profiling capabilities.


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packNGoPackage generated code in ZIP file for relocation
rtw_precompile_libsBuild model libraries without building model
codebuildCompile and link generated code
rtwrebuildRebuild generated code from model
slbuildBuild standalone executable file or model reference target for model
coder.buildstatus.closeClose Build Status window
coder.buildstatus.openOpen Build Status window
RTW.getBuildDirGet build folder information from model build information
Simulink.fileGenControlSpecify root folders for files generated by diagram updates and model builds
switchTargetSelect target for model configuration set


Build Process Workflows

Configure Build Process

Build Process Considerations