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Specify species and parameter input factors for sensitivity analysis


Inputs is a property of the SensitivityAnalysisOptions object. SensitivityAnalysisOptions is a property of the configuration set object.

Use Inputs to specify the species, parameters, or compartments with respect to which you want to compute the sensitivities of the species or parameter states in your model.

The SimBiology® software calculates sensitivities with respect to the values of the parameters, capacities of compartments, and the initial amounts of the species specified in the Inputs property. When you simulate a model with SensitivityAnalysis enabled in the active configuration set object, sensitivity analysis returns the computed sensitivities of the species and parameters specified in the Outputs property. For a description of the output, see the SensitivityAnalysisOptions property description.


Applies toObject: SensitivityAnalysisOptions
Data type

Species, parameter, or compartment object or an array of objects


  • If this object is determined by a repeated assignment rule, then you cannot use it as an Inputs property.

  • To be an input factor, a compartment object must have a constant capacity, that is, its ConstantCapacity property must be set to true.

  • If a parameter is referenced by the LagParameterName and DurationParameterName property of a RepeatDose object, the parameter must be constant to be an input for sensitivity analysis.

  • If a parameter is referenced by any other RepeatDose object properties, namely, Amount, Rate, Interval, StartTime, and RepeatCount, you cannot use the parameter as an input for sensitivity analysis.

Data valuesSpecies, compartment, or parameter object, or an array of objects. Default is [] (empty array).


This example shows how to set Inputs for sensitivity analysis.

  1. Import the radio decay model from the SimBiology demos.

    modelObj  = sbmlimport('radiodecay');
  2. Retrieve the configuration set object from modelObj.

    configsetObj = getconfigset(modelObj);
  3. Add a parameter to the Inputs property and display it. Use the sbioselect function to retrieve the parameter object from the model.

    parameterObj = sbioselect (modelObj, 'Type', 'parameter', 'Name', 'c');
    set(configsetObj.SensitivityAnalysisOptions, 'Inputs', parameterObj);
    get(configsetObj.SensitivityAnalysisOptions, 'Inputs')
    SimBiology Parameter Array
    Index:    Name:    Value:    ValueUnits:
     1         c        0.5       1/second