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Design and simulate battery and energy storage systems

Simscape™ Battery™ provides design tools and parameterized models for designing battery systems. You can create digital twins, run virtual tests of battery pack architectures, design battery management systems, and evaluate battery system behavior across normal and fault conditions.

Battery Pack Model Builder is a design tool that lets you interactively evaluate different battery pack architectures. The tool automates the creation of simulation models that match the desired pack topology and includes cooling plate connections so electrical and thermal responses can be evaluated.

Parameterized models of battery packs and battery management systems demonstrate operations, including cell balancing and state of charge estimation. You can use these examples to determine cell requirements, perform trade-off analyses and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, and generate readable and efficient C/C++ code.


Featured Examples

Interactive Learning

Simscape Battery Onramp describes the task, displays an interactive model, and assesses whether the model matches the requirements set by the training.

Simscape Battery Onramp
Free, self-paced, interactive Simscape Battery course


Simscape Battery - A Three Minute Tour From Cell To System
Simscape Battery™ provides a technology development framework to create a bridge between cell and system. This bridge allows you to navigate the battery system technology development cycle rapidly and with confidence. This video shows the typical design workflow, where you develop a battery pack from individual cells, add battery management and thermal management, and finally simulate and analyze the system.

Simscape Battery Essentials: Build, Parameterize, Visualize, and Simulate a Battery Model
This series provides you with a strong foundation for understanding and using the capabilities of Simscape Battery for both battery pack design and battery management system design. In this series you learn how to define the components and geometry of a battery, visualize the battery geometry, change the simulation strategy, automatically build the battery in Simscape, simulate the model in a simple test harness, and much more.