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Configuration Parameters Dialog Box Overview

The Configuration Parameters dialog box specifies the settings for the active configuration set of a model. The parameters in a configuration set determine the type of solver used, import and export settings, and other values that determine how the model runs. See Configuration Sets for more information.

To open the dialog box, in the Simulink® Editor, select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters, or click the Model Configuration Parameters button on the Simulink Editor toolbar.

To display the parameters for a specific category, click the category in the Select tree on the left side of the dialog box. The Search box at the top of the dialog box performs a keyword search of all parameters. The search tool supports regular expressions. Type . in the search box to see a list of all parameters.

You can access the Advanced parameters for each category by mousing over the ellipsis toward the bottom of the dialog box and clicking Advanced parameters.

Right-click a parameter name and select What's This? to see:

  • A short parameter description.

  • The parameter name that you can use in scripts.

  • Parameter dependencies.

From the What's This? dialog box, click Show more information for complete parameter documentation.