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Property Inspector

Edit parameters and properties for any Simulink model element


The Simulink® Property Inspector enables you to use a single interface to edit parameters and properties for any model element.

You can leave the Property Inspector open as you build your model, and it updates with your selection. You can use the Property Inspector to edit:

  • Block parameters and properties

  • Stateflow® elements

  • Annotations, areas, and images

  • Signals

  • Model properties

When you open the Property Inspector, it opens as a pane in the current Simulink Editor window. You can drag the Property Inspector from the default location and dock it in another location in the editor. The down arrow to the right of the pane title provides options to undock, minimize, and open help for the pane.

The Property Inspector lets you quickly set parameters and properties as you work. Values take effect when you set them. For more information on setting block parameters and properties, see Add Blocks to Models.


You can alternatively open a dialog box for a selected model element by right-clicking and selecting an item such as Properties, or for blocks, Block Parameters. Double-clicking a block generally opens a block dialog box. (Use one of the menu commands on Subsystem and Model blocks.)

The Property Inspector and dialog boxes operate on a single selected element. The main difference is that the Property Inspector updates with each selection, and the dialog box shows settings for only the element you opened it from. For this reason, the dialog box is useful if:

  • You are moving through the model hierarchy and want to see or set element parameters or properties as you navigate the model.

  • You want to compare the parameters or properties of similar elements.

  • The settings are advanced and appear only in the dialog box.

Property Inspector

Open the Property Inspector

  • In the Simulink Toolstrip, on the Modeling tab, in the Design gallery, select Property Inspector.

  • While in the Simulink Editor, press Ctrl+Shift+I. On macOS, press command+option+O instead.


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You can set parameters on most blocks. Parameters allow you to specify how a block operates in the model.

  1. Open the vdp model.

  2. To open the Property Inspector, on the Modeling tab, in the Design gallery, click Property Inspector.

  3. In the model, select the masked Subsystem block named Mu.

  4. In the Property Inspector, on the Parameters tab, set the Gain parameter to 2 by moving the slider to the right.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b

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