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Obtain detailed information regarding functions in custom code



    fcnobjs = obj.ParseInfo.getFunctions(), where obj is an object of class Simulink.CodeImporter or sltest.CodeImporter, returns an array of objects of class Simulink.CodeImporter.Function with detailed information on all Simulink® compatible functions in the custom code.


    If your code has a function with a pointer output, specify the size of the output by setting the port specification in the returned function object.

    fcnobjs = obj.ParseInfo.getFunctions(fcnlist) returns an array of objects of class Simulink.CodeImporter.Function with detailed information on the custom code functions specified in fcnlist.


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    Specify and parse custom code, then query information regarding custom code functions.

    obj = Simulink.CodeImporter;
    %% Set library file name and output folder
    obj.LibraryFileName = "pumpController";
    obj.OutputFolder = ".";
    %% Set the custom code to import
    obj.CustomCode.InterfaceHeaders = ["pumpController.h"];
    obj.CustomCode.IncludePaths = ["./include"];
    obj.CustomCode.SourceFiles = ["src/pumpController.c" "src/utils.c"];
    %% Parse code
    parseobj = obj.ParseInfo
    ans = 
      ParseInfo with properties:
                   Success: 1
        AvailableFunctions: ["Controller"    "setFanTempThreshold"    "setPumpTempThreshold"]
            EntryFunctions: ["Controller"    "setFanTempThreshold"    "setPumpTempThreshold"]
            AvailableTypes: "pump_control_bus"
                    Errors: []
    fcnobjs = parseobj.getFunctions()
    fcnobjs = 
      1×3 Function array with properties:
    >> fcnobjs(1)
    ans = 
      Function with properties:
                     Name: "Controller"
               CPrototype: "pump_control_bus Controller(real_T Tset, real_T Troom_in);"
        PortSpecification: [1×1 Simulink.CodeImporter.SimulinkPortSpecification]
                  IsEntry: 1
                IsDefined: 1
                   IsStub: 0
              ArrayLayout: NotSpecified
          IsDeterministic: 0

    Input Arguments

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    Names of functions in custom code about which to obtain information, specified as a cell array of character vectors or a string array. fcnlist must be limited to names contained in obj.ParseInfo.AvailableFunctions, that is, functions compatible with Simulink in the specified custom code.

    Data Types: cell array of character vectors | string array

    Output Arguments

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    Information about functions in custom code, returned as an array of Simulink.CodeImporter.Function objects, where each object corresponds to one function. Each object includes the function name, C prototype, port specification, whether function is an entry-point function, and whether function is defined in the custom code. See Simulink.CodeImporter.Function.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a