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Link model to freestanding configuration set


Use the ConfigSetRef object to allow a model to reference configuration sets that are not saved in a model.

The Simulink.ConfigSetRef object is a handle object.


Create a ConfigSetRef object by using the getConfigSet function to call a model configuration reference by name.


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Description of the configuration reference, specified as a character vector. Use this property to provide additional information about a configuration reference, such as its purpose. This field can remain blank.

Name of the configuration reference, specified as a character vector. This name represents the configuration reference in the Model Explorer.

Name of the variable in the workspace or the data dictionary that contains the referenced configuration set, specified as a character vector.

Object Functions

copyCopy configuration set or reference
get_paramGet parameter names and values


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Use a ConfigSetRef object to allow a model to use a freestanding configuration set, which is not associated with a model.

Open the model vdp. Create a freestanding configuration set by copying the configuration set of the model.

model = 'vdp';
freeConfigSet = copy(getActiveConfigSet(model));

Create a configuration reference. To point the reference to your freestanding configuration, set the SourceName property to freeConfigSet, the base workspace variable that represents your configuration. Name the reference vdpConfigRef.

configRef = Simulink.ConfigSetRef;

Attach the configuration reference to the vdp model and activate it.


Version History

Introduced in R2007a