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Bluetooth Connection to the Minidrone Fails


The MATLAB® command, parrot.util.ConnectDroneToBlueTooth (along with the proper arguments), fails to establish a Bluetooth® connection from the Linux® computer to the Parrot® minidrone.


Try these options sequentially, until the Bluetooth connection is re-established :

  1. Check that the minidrone is switched on and both the LEDs on the minidrone are green.

  2. If the minidrone was paired previously, remove any existing pairing in the system.

  3. Ensure that there is no other Parrot minidrone connected to the host computer over Bluetooth. If any other minidrone is connected, switch-off that drone.

  4. Check if the Bluetooth adapter on the Linux computer supports Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 version.

  5. Disconnect the Bluetooth Low Energy adapter and reconnect it after a while to the host computer.

  6. Turn-off and turn-on the Bluetooth support on the Linux computer.

After you try these options, reboot the minidrone, wait until both LEDs on the minidrone turn green, and follow the steps in Connect to Parrot Mambo Minidrone over Bluetooth in Windows.