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Simulink Check

Measure design quality, track verification activities, and verify compliance with standards

Simulink® Check™ analyzes your models, requirements, and tests to assess design quality and compliance with standards. It provides industry-recognized checks and metrics that identify modeling standard and guideline violations as you design. Supported high-integrity software development standards include ISO 26262, DO-178C, DO-254, IEC 61508, ISO 25119, IEC 62304, and MathWorks Advisory Board (MAB) style guidelines. Simulink Check also supports secure coding standards such as CERT C, CWE, and ISO/IEC TS 17961. You can create custom checks to comply with your own standards or guidelines that can identify compliance issues right in the editor.

Simulink Check provides metrics such as size and complexity for assessing the status and quality of your design. The Model Testing Dashboard consolidates data from your requirements-based testing activities to track testing status. Automatic model refactoring lets you replace modeling clones, reduce design complexity, and identify reusable content. The Model Slicer tool isolates problematic behavior in models and generates simplified models for debugging.

Support for industry standards is available through IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508) and DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178).

Get Started

Learn the basics of Simulink Check

Check Model Compliance

Verify model compliance with safety standards and guidelines

Customize Model Checks

Create Model Advisor checks and configurations, automate, and deploy for users

Collect Model and Testing Metrics

Collect metric data on models and testing artifacts

Refactor Models

Identify modeling clones and patterns to transform model

Model Simplification with Dependency Analysis

Trace dependencies of ports, signals, and blocks, slice larger models into simplified standalone models

Verification and Validation

Use Simulink products to test models and code, check for design errors, check against standards, measure coverage, and validate the system

Tool Qualification and Certification

Qualify Simulink Check for DO and IEC certification