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Identify requirement links with path type inconsistent with preferences

Check ID: mathworks.req.Paths

Check that requirement paths are of the type selected in the preferences.


You are using the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) and the paths specifying the location of your requirements documents differ from the file reference type set as your preference.

Available with Requirements Toolbox™.

Results and Recommended Actions

ConditionRecommended Action
The paths indicating the location of requirements documents use a file reference type that differs from the preference specified in the Requirements Settings dialog box, on the Selection Linking tab.

Change the file reference type or the specified paths by doing one of the following:

  • Click Fix to change the current path to the valid path.

  • In the Apps tab, click Requirements Manager. In the Requirements pane, in the View drop-down menu, select Links. In the Requirements tab, select Link Settings > Linking Options.

    In the Selection Linking tab, change the value for the Document file reference option.

Linux Check for Absolute Paths

On Linux® systems, this check is named Identify requirement links with absolute path type. The check reports warnings for requirements links that use an absolute path.

The recommended action is:

  1. Right-click the model object and select Requirements > Edit/Add Links.

  2. Modify the path in the Document field to use a path relative to the current working folder or the model location.

Capabilities and Limitations

You can exclude blocks and charts from this check.