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Refresh artifact path information for Requirements Management Interface link set with migration error in Model Testing Dashboard



    slreq.refreshSourceArtifactPath(reqLinkSetPath) refreshes the source artifact path information in a link set, reqLinkSetPath, that was created with the legacy Requirements Management Interface (RMI). If you create a requirement link set using the RMI, the link files may contain relative paths, which the Model Testing Dashboard cannot analyze. When the dashboard cannot analyze the relative paths in the requirement link set, the dashboard returns a migration error during artifact analysis. slreq.refreshSourceArtifactPath updates the link set to use absolute file paths and resolve the migration error.


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    Refresh the artifact paths in a link set created in the Requirements Management Interface.

    Suppose that the requirements link set 'legacyReqLinks.slmx' is in the directory 'C:\myProject\' and was created in the legacy Requirements Management Interface (RMI). The Model Testing Dashboard cannot analyze this requirement link set.

    Refresh the artifact paths.


    Input Arguments

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    Path to requirement link set, specified as a character vector or string array.

    Example: 'C:\myProject\legacyReqLinks.slmx'

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a