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Customize the Configuration of the Model Advisor Overview

You can use Model Advisor API and the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to customize the configuration of the Model Advisor, including:

  • Define which built-in (shipped) and custom Model Advisor checks are available in the Model Advisor and their order of execution.

  • Create custom folders and organize checks.

  • Designate the default configuration file for the Model Advisor.

  • Associate a configuration file with a model.

  • Suppress the warning about missing checks when loading the Model Advisor configuration.

  • Upgrade old configuration files to be compatible with newer versions of MATLAB®.

To customize the Model Advisor to include custom checks and a custom configuration, perform the following tasks:

  1. (Optional) Author custom checks in a customization file. For more information, see Create Model Advisor Checks.

  2. Use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to specify the folders and checks that you want to include in your custom Model Advisor configuration. For more information, see Use Model Advisor Configuration Editor to Customize Model Advisor.

  3. Update your Simulink® environment so that the Model Advisor uses your configuration files. For more information, see Update the Environment to Include Your Custom Configuration.

  4. Open the Model Advisor, load the configuration, and verify that the Model Advisor is using the correct configuration and that your checks are available. Optionally, you can associate the configuration with your model. For more information, see Load and Associate a Custom Configuration with a Model.

  5. (Optional) Deploy the custom configurations to your users. For more information, see Deploy Custom Configurations.

  6. Verify that models comply with modeling guidelines. For more information, see Run Model Advisor Checks and Review Results.