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Class: slcoverage.Filter
Namespace: slcoverage

Set description of coverage filter object

Since R2020a




setFilterDescription(filterObj,descr) sets the description of the filter to the specified value.

Input Arguments

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Coverage filter, specified as an slcoverage.Filter object.

Data Types: slcoverage.Filter

Coverage filter description, specified as a character array or string array.

Data Types: char | string


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This example shows how to use the slcoverage.Filter methods to set and get filter names and descriptions.

Create a new filter object by using the slcoverage.Filter class.

filt = slcoverage.Filter;

Set the filter name and description by using setFilterName and setFilterDescription, respectively.

setFilterDescription(filt,'Justify missing coverage for unreachable outcomes');

Get the filter name and description by using filterName and filterDescription with the filter object as the input.

filtName = filterName(filt)
filtDescr = filterDescription(filt)
filtName =


filtDescr =

    'Justify missing coverage for unreachable outcomes'


You can also create, edit, and view filters in Simulink®. See Create, Edit, and View Coverage Filter Rules for more information.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a