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Enable pushing test results to Simulink Test Manager

Since R2021a




addSimulinkTestResults(runner) enables pushing test results from MATLAB® to integrate them with Simulink® Test Manager. addSimulinkTestResults is a method of the matlab.unittest.TestRunner class. Use addSimulinkTestResults for tests that you run using the test runner, including MATLAB-based Simulink tests.

addSimulinkTestResults adds a set of plugins to a matlab.unittest.TestRunner object. The added plugins are:

  • sltest.plugins.MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin — Adds simulation and test results to the Simulink Test Manager for MATLAB-based Simulink tests.

  • sltest.plugins.TestManagerResultsPlugin — Captures Simulink Test Manager results and MATLAB test Results, and allows exporting test results from the Test Manager.

  • matlab.unittest.DiagnosticsOutputPlugin — Adds diagnostics output to the Logs section of the Test Manager. To include log information, see sltest.plugins.ToTestManagerLog.

addSimulinkTestResults(runner,'ExportToFile',filename) enables exporting test results to an MLDATX file with the specified filename. Load this file at the MATLAB command line to view the test results.


addSimulinkTestResults is not supported for parallel workflows.

Input Arguments

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Test runner, specified as a matlab.unittest.TestRunner object.

Name of test results file, specified as an MLDATX file.


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This example shows how to enable a test runner object to push test results to the Simulink Test Manager for a MATLAB-based Simulink test, and then export the results to a data file.

Before running this example, create a test file named myTests.m. The example creates a test suite for the file, and then creates a test runner with the 'textoutput' option to output status and diagnostics to the command line. Add addSimulinkTestResults to the test runner to enable pushing the results in the Test Manager and exporting the test results to a file named testmgr_results.mldatx.

suite = testsuite('myTests');
runner = testrunner('textoutput');

Version History

Introduced in R2021a