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Libraries Added by OS Customizer Tool

When the OS Customizer modifies the firmware image of your hardware board, a variety of libraries get added or modified in your OS firmware. The libraries or packages are a combination of hardware drivers for communication protocols, including audio and video, and Boost. The following table shows the libraries that get added and updated on your firmware image. The installed libraries depend on the operating system.

Audiolibasound2-devalsa-lib, alsa-utils 
Video Capturelibv4l-devlibv4l 
Simulation Data Inspectorlibboost-dev, libboost-thread-dev, libboost-chrono-dev, libboost-system-devboostboost
SDL displaylibsdl1.2-dev  
File Transferv4l-utilsopenssh, libssh, libssh2openssh, libssh, libssh2
Register Read, Write, and AXI Stream libiiolibiio, libusb,libserialport
socBuilder dtcdtc
Kernel Profiler lttng-tools,lttng-modules,lttng-libust,lttng-babeltracelttng-tools,lttng-modules,lttng-ust,babeltrace
Other utilities stat, pgrep, .gzprocps