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State Transition Table Diagnostics

A state transition table represents a finite state machine for sequential modal logic in tabular format. Instead of drawing states and transitions in a Stateflow® chart, you can use a state transition table to model a state machine in a concise, compact format that requires minimal maintenance of graphical objects. For more information, see State Transition Tables in Stateflow.

You can run diagnostic checks on a state transition table. From the Stateflow Editor, in the Debug tab, select Update Model > Update Table.

The diagnostics tool statically parses the table to find errors such as:

  • States with no incoming transitions

  • Transition cells with conditions or actions, but no destination

  • Action text in a condition cell

  • States that are unreachable from the default transition

  • Default transition row without unconditional transition

  • Inner transition row execution order mismatches. The inner transition row for a state must specify destination states from left to right in the same order as the corresponding states appear in the table, from top to bottom.

Each error is reported with a hyperlink to the corresponding object causing the error. These checks are also performed during simulation.

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