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Programmatically Create IO Device Block

A device driver block is a specialized form of the MATLAB System block that generates custom C/C++ device driver code when deployed to an Arduino® hardware board. Device driver blocks provide users easy access to hardware board features, such as communication protocols or hardware libraries, not available in the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware.

You can develop a device driver block from a template System object™ and then share the completed blocks with the other users.


arduino.supportpkg.getAVRLibraryRootGet Arduino AVR library root directory path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getAVRRootGet Arduino AVR file root path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getBoardInfoGet properties of Arduino board in active Simulink model (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getIDERootGet Arduino IDE file root path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getLibraryRootGet Arduino library root directory path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getSAMDLibraryRootGet Arduino SAMD library root directory path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getSAMDRootGet Arduino SAMD file root path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getSAMLibraryRootGet Arduino SAM library root directory path (Since R2020b)
arduino.supportpkg.getSAMRootGet Arduino SAM file root path (Since R2020b)