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Develop a Target

Create a target based on the ARM® Cortex®-A processors

A target deploys MATLAB® and Simulink® designs to embedded hardware. With targets, you can prototype, verify, and deploy your application by generating processor-specific code, integrating real-time operating systems and device drivers, and profiling execution on your embedded hardware.

The Embedded Coder® Support Package for ARM Cortex-A Processors helps you develop new Embedded Coder targets based on the ARM Cortex-A processor. This support package provides you with the following classes and functions to help develop your targets, collectively referred to as the Target Software-Development-Kit (SDK).

Before you start, see What Is a Target? and Prerequisites. When you are ready to start creating your own target, follow the steps in Implement a Target.


createTargetCreate an object for the target being developed
createHardwareCreate an object for the hardware that a target supports
deleteTargetDelete a target
loadTargetLoad a target
saveTargetSave a target
testTargetTest the features of the target using the supported hardware


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TargetAn object for the target being developed
BaremetalSchedulerCreate an object for a bare metal scheduler used for hardware
BaseRateTriggerTrigger that runs base rate task in generated code
DeployerApplication deployment configuration
ExternalModeExternal mode configuration
IOInterfaceIO interface connected to hardware
OperatingSystemOperating system that runs on hardware
PILProcessor-in-the-loop simulation configuration
ProfilerCode execution profiler that collects timing information for generated code
HardwareHardware that runs generated code
EthernetInterfaceEthernet interface connected to hardware
SerialInterfaceSerial interface connected to hardware
LoaderAn object that describes how to load code to hardware
ToolchainToolchain configuration
BuildConfigurationConfiguration that describes how to build generated code


What Is a Target?

An overview of the concepts of a target, including the hierarchy of targets, target features, and how targets work.


An overview of the system and product requirements, and recommend skills of a developer needed to create a target.

Implement a Target

Procedural guide to create a target for the ARM Cortex derived hardware board. Follow the sections provide to create a custom Simulink target for your ARM Cortex derived hardware board.

Deliver Your Target to End-Users

I/O device driver blocks generate code that sends and receives data for algorithm code.

Design Cases

Examples of target designs

Class Diagram for the Target SDK

A class diagram showing the relationship and hierarchy of the Target SDK classes.