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Digital Read

Read logical state of digital input pin

  • Library:
  • Simulink Coder Support Package for BeagleBone Blue Hardware / Basic


The Digital Read block outputs the logical state of a specified digital pin on the board.

During the external mode simulation, the block outputs the simulation results returned from the executable running on the target hardware.

During simulation in all other modes, the block outputs zeroes.



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The port outputs the logical state of the digital pin on the board that you specify in the Pin parameter.

Data Types: Boolean


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Specify the digital pin number.

To see the pin mapping table, click View pin map.

Each block must have a unique pin number within a model.

Specify in seconds how often this block reads the pin value.

When you specify this parameter as-1, Simulink® determines the best sample time for the block based on the block context within the model.

Introduced in R2018b