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Read voltage through NI-DMM MATLAB Instrument Driver in Simulation Mode

This example shows how to read voltage from a National Instruments® NI-DMM driver in the simulation mode.


Instrument Control Toolbox™ supports communication with instruments through high-level drivers. In this example you can read voltage from a National Instruments® NI-DMM driver in the simulation mode.


This example requires a Microsoft® Windows® system and NI-DMM package 3.06 or higher. Make sure the Measurement & Automation Explorer recognizes the NI-DMM device before you use this example.

Verify NI-DMM Installation

Use the instrhwinfo command to check if the NI-DMM software package is installed correctly. If installed correctly, NI-DMM is listed as one of the modules installed on the Windows machine. This example uses libraries installed with it.

driversInfo = instrhwinfo ('ivi');

Create a MATLAB Instrument object

Use the icdevice function to create an instrument object from the MDD which was part of the NI-DMM support package, and establish a connection to the DMM using that object.

The icdevice function takes two or more input arguments. The MDD file name, the resource name for the DMM, and optionally, device-specific parameters that can be set.

You can get the resource name for the DMM from NI Measurement and Automation Explorer. For example: A resource name of PXI1Slot6 in NI MAX would be DAQ::PXI1Slot6 and Device 1 would be DAQ::Dev1. You can remove the optionstring argument and the corresponding string parameter if you have the actual hardware.

You can establish a connection to the DMM using the connect command.

ictObj = icdevice('niDMM.mdd', 'DAQ::Dev1', 'optionstring','simulate=true');
   Instrument Device Object Using Driver : niDMM
   Instrument Information
      Type:               IVIInstrument
      Manufacturer:       National Instruments Corp.
      Model:              National Instruments Digital Multimeters
   Driver Information
      DriverType:         MATLAB IVI
      DriverName:         niDMM
      DriverVersion:      1.0
   Communication State
      Status:             open

Configure the DMM

For the purpose of this example, the DMM is configured as

* Measurement Function: DC Voltage
* Range: 10V
* Resolution: 5.5 Digits

Use the MATLAB Instrument Driver Editor (midedit) to view other properties and functions that allow you to configure a device. The tool shows all the properties and functions that the NI-DMM software package supports.

measurementFunction = 1;
range = 10;
resolution = 5.5;

configuration = get(ictObj, 'configuration');
invoke(configuration, 'configuremeasurementdigits', measurementFunction, range, resolution);

Read and display the voltage

Once you configure the DMM with the required settings, use an appropriate function call to read the voltage.

% Configure DMM to calculate the timeout automatically
AutoTimeLimit = -1;

acquisition = get(ictObj, 'acquisition');
volts =  invoke(acquisition, 'read', AutoTimeLimit);

Display the read voltage

voltageDisplay = sprintf('Voltage : %d v', volts);
Voltage : 5.000032e+00 v

Clean up

Delete the MATLAB Instrument Object.

clear ictObj;