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Install RNDIS for Parrot Minidrones

If you are working on a Windows® computer, you must install Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS) before you start working with the Simulink® Support Package for Parrot® Minidrones.


When the Parrot minidrone is connected to the host computer over USB, there is a timeout period (typically, 60 seconds) after which the drone automatically disconnects from the host computer. After the disconnection, the USB drive for Parrot minidrone disappears from the Devices and drives list in the Windows PC.

Therefore, ensure that you complete the RNDIS installation procedure fast enough, before the timeout occurs.


Before you begin:

  1. Switch On the Parrot minidrone. The On/Off button is located under the minidrone, near the vertical camera. The LEDs glow or blink to indicate the On or Off status of the Parrot minidrone. The LED indications for Parrot minidrones are:

    LED Indications Related to USB Connection and Timeout for Parrot Minidrones

    Name of the Parrot Minidrone

    LED Indications
    Drone is Turned ONMinidrone is Connected to PC over USBConnection Timeout Occurs
    Parrot Rolling Spider

    Both left and right LEDs – Green and stable

    Left LED – Green and stable

    Right LED – Red and stable

    Left LED is off

    Parrot Mambo

    Both left and right LEDs – Green and blinking

    Both left and right LEDs – Green and stable

    Both LEDs are off

  2. Connect the minidrone to a USB port of your computer using a micro-USB Type-B cable, and wait for the LED indications to be stable (as described in the column - Minidrone is connected to PC over USB - in the above table).


    Ensure that the minidrone is recognized by your computer.

Install the RNDIS Driver

Before you begin, complete the steps mentioned in the Prerequisites section.


During the entire process, ensure that:

  1. The Parrot minidrone is switched on and the battery is charged.

  2. The LED indications with the USB connected are the same as described in the column - Minidrone is connected to PC over USB - in Prerequisites.

    If a timeout happens, the Parrot minidrone disconnects from the host computer. You have to then unplug the micro-USB cable from the minidrone, reconnect it, and repeat the entire process (as described below) again.

To install the RNDIS driver:

  1. Open Device Manager and select Other devices. From the expanded list, right-click RNDIS and then click Update Driver Software... from the menu.

  2. When prompted, click Browse my computer for driver software.

  3. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

  4. From the Common hardware types list, select Network adapters and click Next.

  5. Select Microsoft in the Manufacturer list and Remote NDIS Compatible Device in the Model list. Click Next.


    If you are using Windows 7, select Microsoft Corporation instead of Microsoft.

  6. In the Update Driver Warning dialog box, click Yes.

    The RNDIS driver is now installed and ready for use.

    After a successful installation, the RNDIS device appears on the Device Manager screen under Network adapters.


    The RNDIS device name may be different in Windows 7 and Windows 8. For example, the device name appears as RNDIS in Windows 7.


    A timeout can happen during the RNDIS installation or just after the RNDIS installation is completed. If the timeout happens, the RNDIS device does not appear under Network adapters. In this case:

    • Disconnect the micro-USB cable and reconnect it again.

    • If reconnecting the USB cable also does not list the RNDIS device, repeat the entire RNDIS installation process again, before the timeout happens.