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Read current orientation of Ryze drone in terms of Euler angles



[angles,time] = readOrientation(droneObj) reads the orientation of Ryze® drone in terms of the Euler angles represented as [azimuth, Pitch, Roll], along with the time stamp.


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Connect to a Ryze Tello drone.

droneObj = ryze()
droneObj = 
          ryze tello with properties:

                    Name: "Tello"
                      ID: "TELLO-D2B07B"
                   State: "landed"
            BatteryLevel: 50%
        AvailableCameras: ["FPV"]

Use takeoff to initiate takeoff of the drone.


While the Ryze Tello is in flight, read the orientation.

[angles,time]= readOrientation(droneObj)
     angles = 
            0.785  0.301  -0.207  
       time = 
             15-Aug-2019 14:07:19

Input Arguments

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Ryze drone connection object, specified as a droneObj.

Output Arguments

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Euler rotation angles in radians , returned as an 1-by-3 array of Euler rotation angles. The axis is along ZYX axes. This represents the rotation of the drone from the NED frame to the estimated body frame.

The time at which the orientation data is received by MATLAB®, specified as a datetime.

Introduced in R2020a