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Read current speed of Ryze drone



[speed,time] = readSpeed(droneObj) returns the current speed of the Ryze® drone along the x-,y-, and z- axes and the time stamp.


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Connect to a Ryze Tello drone.

droneObj = ryze()
droneObj = 
          ryze tello with properties:

                    Name: "Tello"
                      ID: "TELLO-D2B07B"
                   State: "landed"
            BatteryLevel: 50%
        AvailableCameras: ["FPV"]

Use takeoff to initiate takeoff of the drone.


While the Ryze Tello is in flight, read the speed of the drone.

[speed,time] = readSpeed(droneObj)
speed = 
        0.8600  -0.0240  0.0015 
 time =  
          15-Aug-2019 14:07:19

Input Arguments

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Ryze drone connection object, specified as a droneObj.

Output Arguments

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The current speed of the drone in m/s along the x-, y-, and z- directions with respect to the inertial NED frame. The NED frame is calculated at drone startup.

The time at which the speed data is received by MATLAB®, specified as a datetime.

Introduced in R2020a