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Update Drone Firmware


Update the firmware for your Ryze® drone using the Tello mobile app.


Ensure the drone's battery level is above 50% before updating the firmware.

  1. Download the Tello mobile app.

    • For Android™, click here.

    • For Apple iOS, click here.

  2. Connect your mobile device to the available network.

  3. Launch the latest version of the Tello mobile app.

  4. Download the latest firmware version. The app will notify if there is an update.

  5. Select Start to download the firmware.

  6. Connect your device to the drone's Wi-Fi once the download of the firmware is complete.

  7. Click Update to update the firmware on the Tello mobile app.

After the update is complete, the Tello mobile app will prompt that the update was successful and the drone will automatically restart.