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Acquire Measurement Data via Dynamic DAQ Lists

This example shows how to create a dynamic data acquisition list and read measurements from the list events. You can acquire data for measurements in this list from the server.

Create an XCP channel linked to an A2L file and connect it to the server.

a2lfile = xcpA2L('C:\work\XCPSIM.a2l');
xcpch = xcpChannel(a2lfile,'CAN','Vector','Virtual 1',1);

Create a DAQ list for the '10 ms' event with 'PWMFiltered' and 'Triangle' measurements.

createMeasurementList(xcpch,'DAQ','10 ms',{'PWMFiltered','Triangle'});

Start measurement activity.


Read 10 samples of data from the configured measurement list for the 'Triangle' measurement.

readDAQListData(xcpch,'Triangle', 10)
18   18   18   18   18   18   18   18   18   18