Simulink Real-Time .NET API Client Application Examples

Simulink® Real-Time™ includes examples showing how to create .NET client applications that run on the development computer and interface with a model downloaded on the target computer.

The example Simple Client Application With the .NET API shows two client applications, Example 1 and Example 2.

  • Example 1 — Provides a UI with buttons, text boxes, and a track bar through which you can enter the IP address port of the target computer.

  • Example 2 — Provides a UI similar to that in Example 1, with also a chart that displays signals from the xpcosc real-time application.

Another example, FileSystemBrowser, provides a file browser that runs on the development computer and connects to the target computer to browse its file system.

FileSystemBrowser is located in:


FileSystemBrowser is a C# project developed with the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 IDE. See the Readme.txt file in the example folder for instructions on how to access and build the example code.