Using the Simulink Real-Time API for Microsoft .NET Framework

The Simulink® Real-Time™ API for Microsoft® .NET Framework is a fully managed and usable .NET framework component. It contains components and types that enable you to design custom applications quickly. Although it is designed to work with Microsoft Visual Studio®, you can use it with other development environments and programming languages that support the .NET framework.

The Simulink Real-Time .NET API includes the following features.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio design time.

  • Intuitive object model (modeled after the Simulink Real-Time system environment).

  • Simplified client model programming for asynchronous communication with the target computer.

The Simulink Real-Time API for .NET framework provides multiple ways for you to interface client-side custom applications with target computers, including outside the MATLAB® environment. For example:

  • Visual instrumentation for your real-time application.

  • Custom applications to perform data observation, collection, and archiving.

  • Real-time application debugging from a remote client computer.

  • Calibration, test, and evaluation of real-time processes.

  • Real-time data analysis.

  • Batch processing and automation scripts, which can run in a shell (such as PowerShell™) or as a process console standalone application (.exe file).

The Simulink Real-Time API for .NET framework supports a run-time user-driven mode of execution and an optional developer-driven mode of execution, or design-time capability. You can integrate the design-time capability with the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. The following operations are available:

  • Drag UI elements into the form design

  • Configure properties using a design-time properties window

  • Delete UI elements from the form design

The Simulink Real-Time API for .NET Framework does not support applications that use the .NET client profile. It only supports applications that use the full .NET Framework.

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