Unpack and Run Standalone Configuration

Unpack the standalone executable onto a computer that is compatible with Windows®.

The example uses the instrumented xpctank model. Before carrying out this procedure, you must have performed the steps in Export Explorer Configuration.


When you run the standalone executable, you cannot access the model hierarchy. You can access only instrument panels and windows that were open when you exported the configuration. You can access only signals and parameters that were loaded in signal and parameter groups when you exported the configuration.

  1. Copy xpctank_instr_export.zip from the original folder to a folder on the computer compatible with Windows, for example C:\workdir.

  2. Double-click xpctank_instr_export.zip.

  3. In the unzip program dialog box, click Extract.

  4. Select the extraction root folder, and then click Extract.

  5. Navigate to folder xpctank_instr_export in the extraction root folder.

  6. Connect the target computer to the computer that is compatible with Windows. Restart the target computer.

    Check that the target computer loads the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel and the real-time application.

  7. Double-click runxpctank_instr_export.exe.

To interact with the real-time application on the target computer, use the executable interface.

  • If a signal is accessible, you can add a scope and attach the signal to the scope. Scopes that you add and remove do not change the model.

  • If you remove a window, you can restore it by clicking File > Restore Original View.

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