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Speedgoat Target Computers and I/O Hardware

Choose a Speedgoat target computer and I/O hardware

Speedgoat target computers are real-time computers fitted with a set of I/O hardware, Simulink® programmable FPGAs, and communication protocol support. Speedgoat target computers are optimized for use with Simulink Real-Time™ and fully support the HDL Coder™ workflow.

Connect a development computer to a Speedgoat target computer that meets your requirements: form factor, performance, I/O interface, and protocol interface. Speedgoat target computer systems come with:

  • I/O and protocol interfaces, an Intel® CPU, and optional FPGA hardware, configured and ready to use

  • I/O cables, terminal boards, Simulink driver blocks, documentation, and a loopback wiring harness that facilitates acceptance testing for each I/O module

  • The Simulink Real-Time kernel preinstalled on the target computer

Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Simulators and Rugged Units for Controls (RCP), DSP, and Vision Prototyping


Speedgoat Target Computers and Support

Speedgoat provides target computers that are expressly designed to support Simulink Real-Time