Benefits of the Self-Paced Format

Step-by-step instruction

Hands-on exercises with automated feedback

Access to MATLAB through your web browser

Shareable progress report and course certificate

About This Course

 Lessons are available in English and Japanese.


Getting Started

Get an overview of the course. Import and process data, explore data features, and train and evaluate a classification model.

30 mins


Finding Natural Patterns in Data

Use unsupervised learning techniques to group observations based on a set of explanatory variables and discover natural patterns in a data set.

120 mins


Classification Methods

Use available classification methods to train data classification models. Make predictions and evaluate the accuracy of a predictive model.

135 mins


Improving Predictive Models

Validate model performance. Optimize model properties. Reduce the dimensionality of a data set and simplify machine learning models.

90 mins


Regression Methods

Use supervised learning techniques to perform predictive modeling for continuous response variables.

105 mins


Neural Networks

Create and train neural networks for clustering and predictive modeling. Adjust network architecture to improve performance.

45 mins

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Looking for a Classroom Option?

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