How can I purchase additional toolboxes for use with Student Version of MATLAB?

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I have purchased a Student Version license and would like to add additional toolboxes to my license. 
How can I purchase additional toolboxes for use with Student Version of MATLAB?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Aug 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 13 Aug 2021
In order to use additional toolboxes with the MATLAB Student Version, they must first be purchased from To do so, first log in to your MathWorks Account :
  1. Click on the shopping cart button in the row with your license number
  2. After selecting the products you wish to purchase, click on "Proceed to checkout"
  3. Click on "Checkout"
  4. Review and Confirm to the Terms of Student Use by clicking "Continue"
  5. Enter your Address of Use and click "Continue"
  6. Complete the Billing Information section and click "Continue"
  7. Complete the Payment Information section and click "Continue"
  8. Confirm your Billing and Payment Information, the items being purchased and click "Submit My Order"
  9. Your Order number will be displayed on the Purchase Confirmed screen and you will be able to Download Your Products or Check Order Status
In order to purchase additional toolboxes, the license must be current on Software Maintenance Service. If the license is not current on Software Maintenance Service, the Renewal Product line will need to be added to the cart in order to purchase additional toolboxes.  If the toolbox is not listed in the MathWorks Store, it may not be available for the Student Version. Not every toolbox available for the professional version of MATLAB is available for the Student Version.
For any questions, please contact Customer Support.
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Anumeet on 22 Dec 2014
Hi, Has the "My Account" page been updated since this post because I do not see Buy Add-ons button on the right hand side of "My Licenses"

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Raul Guarisma
Raul Guarisma on 8 May 2020
I can pay for the installation of the symbolic toolbox depending on its cost and the form of payment

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