update the plot in App designer without double clicking on the plot

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I am plotting a P-H diagram in app Designer, using live data from a simulink model. The code is working as I expected (please, see the image of the code used in App designer for the plotting). However, during the simulation, the plot does not update by itself. I have to make a doule click on the plot every time I want to update the plot. I do not know why? Any suggestion or comment in this regard is welcome, because I am beginner in matlab and app designer.
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Pratyay Pande
Pratyay Pande on 1 Sep 2021
You can try using the timer as a workaround to the issue you are facing. More information on how to use a timer can be found in the following link:
You can use this timer to call the function to plot your data at an interval of your choice.
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Mauricio Bassallo
Mauricio Bassallo on 22 Sep 2021
Hi @Pratyay Pande, thanks for your answer and sorry for my delay in response.
I just use the timer object in my App Designer code to call the function to plot my data and it works as I wanted.
As a reference, I used the example given in the following link: https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/creating_guis/wind-speed-gui-in-app-designer.html
Thanks as well for your link!

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