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how to extract data from struct?

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i have a struct name 'dataset'
i want to extract data from struct in the form of matrix
load dataset.mat
L5S1 has the following data
struct with fields:
L5S1_x: [1×359 double]
L5S1_y: [1×359 double]
L5S1_z: [1×359 double]
L3L4_x: [1×359 double]
L3L4_y: [1×359 double]
L3L4_z: [1×359 double]
T12L1_x: [1×359 double]
T12L1_y: [1×359 double]
T12L1_z: [1×359 double]
T8T9_x: [1×359 double]
T8T9_y: [1×359 double]
T8T9_z: [1×359 double]
C7T1_x: [1×359 double]
C7T1_y: [1×359 double]
C7T1_z: [1×359 double]
C1Head_x: [1×359 double]
C1Head_y: [1×359 double]
C1Head_z: [1×359 double]
RT4Shoulder_x: [1×359 double]
RT4Shoulder_y: [1×359 double]
RT4Shoulder_z: [1×359 double]
RShoulder_x: [1×359 double]
RShoulder_y: [1×359 double]
RShoulder_z: [1×359 double]
RElbow_x: [1×359 double]
RElbow_y: [1×359 double]
RElbow_z: [1×359 double]
RWrist_x: [1×359 double]
RWrist_y: [1×359 double]
RWrist_z: [1×359 double]
LT4Shoulder_x: [1×359 double]
LT4Shoulder_y: [1×359 double]
LT4Shoulder_z: [1×359 double]
LShoulder_x: [1×359 double]
LShoulder_y: [1×359 double]
LShoulder_z: [1×359 double]
LElbow_x: [1×359 double]
LElbow_y: [1×359 double]
LElbow_z: [1×359 double]
LWrist_x: [1×359 double]
LWrist_y: [1×359 double]
LWrist_z: [1×359 double]
RHip_x: [1×359 double]
RHip_y: [1×359 double]
RHip_z: [1×359 double]
RKnee_x: [1×359 double]
RKnee_y: [1×359 double]
RKnee_z: [1×359 double]
RAnkle_x: [1×359 double]
RAnkle_y: [1×359 double]
RAnkle_z: [1×359 double]
RBallFoot_x: [1×359 double]
RBallFoot_y: [1×359 double]
RBallFoot_z: [1×359 double]
LHip_x: [1×359 double]
LHip_y: [1×359 double]
LHip_z: [1×359 double]
LKnee_x: [1×359 double]
LKnee_y: [1×359 double]
LKnee_z: [1×359 double]
LAnkle_x: [1×359 double]
LAnkle_y: [1×359 double]
LAnkle_z: [1×359 double]
LBallFoot_x: [1×359 double]
LBallFoot_y: [1×359 double]
LBallFoot_z: [1×359 double]
I want to extract each array seperatly .can i use for loop here ,if yes then how ?
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Stephen23 on 2 Sep 2021
Edited: Stephen23 on 2 Sep 2021
The data is already easily accessible via the structure: why can't you just use the structure?
Before you decide to force yourself into writing the slow, complex, very inefficient, time-wasting, difficult-to-debug, obfuscated code required to magically create variables like that, you might like to read this:
and also possibly this:
The best solution by far is to refer to the data in the structure, and not inefficiently create lots of variables.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Sep 2021

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