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Open .m files in current MATLAB instance from Windows Powershell

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I am trying to open matlab files via matlab file.m from Windows PowerShell, so that I can proceed to edit them in MATLAB. However, when I run that, it starts a new instance of MATLAB.
What changes should I make in my computer/shell so that the above command opens the .m file in the existing MATLAB instance?
Ideally, I would like the changes to be permanent, and not have to write additional commands or flags every time I start a new instance of the PowerShell and wish to open an .m file.
Before upgrading to 2019a, I was used to just running matlab C:/Users/username/Documents/script_to_edit.m on PowerShell, and it would open in the instance of MATLAB that I had already open. Now, when I do that, it opens a new instance of MATLAB instead. I suppose it has to do with paths and/or aliases that were removed during the upgrade.

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Ive J
Ive J on 26 Sep 2021
Try this
function addME(a, b)
fprintf("sum a + b equals %.2g\n", a + b)
Then from powershell (assuming your PS instance is within pwd):
matlab -batch "addME(3, 5)"
Mitsu on 26 Sep 2021
Edited: Mitsu on 26 Sep 2021
Sorry, I failed to clarify it better.
I do not want to run a script from the terminal; I do not want to do anything on the terminal other than opening the file with the MATLAB editor.
  1. I am editing code using MATLAB's GUI
  2. I need to make changes to some other file but don't know its location; I use grep, find, etc to find the file on the promp
  3. I typed matlab example_file.m
  4. The file is opened in the existing instance of MATLAB, and I edit it
This is different from the two questions in the links.
Additionally, I was able to do this when I was using MATLAB 2018b (more recent than the versions discussed in the links) . When upgrading to R2019a, the removal of preferences might have disabled this.

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