Is it possible to work with Matlab directly from powershell?

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I wish to operate matlab directly from the powershell, without the need of opening a separate window for the command line.
Note that I don't mean to run a script or running matlab without desktop. What I mean is to have the matlab command line embedded in a powershell session.
To be more clear, take as an example the screenshot below: I have a vim editor on top and a python session in bottom in the same window. What I am aiming at is to have exactly the same layout but with matlab instead of python in the bottom side.
I tried open matlab with various options, including -nodesktop, -nodisplay, etc. but it always open the matlab command window in a separate window.

Answers (1)

Peter Strassmann
Peter Strassmann on 16 Apr 2022
You want to run the command matlab with the flag -batch instead. See the docs (expand input arguments > option1 ... optionN):





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