Naming a file based on the folder name

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John on 7 Aug 2014
Commented: John on 14 Aug 2014
So I have a script that can take all the images in a folder and stitch them together into an AVI movie file. It works great. Here's where I need some help.
The script tells ML to start in a root directory, it will look at all folders and subfolders, start in the first one, enter the subfolder, and take the images and create the AVI. Then it goes back out and enters any other subfolders and does the same, then goes back out to the root directory and goes to the next folder, and so on down the line until it runs out of folders to use.
The only thing I would like to do is to have MATLAB name the new AVI file this way: FolderName_SubFolderName_AVI
Any tips are appreciated.
John on 7 Aug 2014
What I've done:
The ML code will go to a root directory. Ex: C:\Stuff
Within this directory, there are many folders. Ex: C:\Stuff\Folder1 through C:\Stuff\Folder 500
Within each folder there are several subfolders. Ex: C:\Stuff\Folder1\Sub1 and Sub2 and Sub3
The code takes all image files in each folder (the images are still frames of a video) and stitches them back into a video file (AVI).
What I'd like to do:
The code works great, but all the video files are named something generic. I'd like to name each new video file based on the folder name. For example, I would like the files to be named this way:
For the file in C:\Stuff\Folder1\Sub1, I would like the AVI to be named "Folder1_Sub1_AVI"

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Aug 2014
Try this:
folder = 'd:\all_tests\test1'; % Sample folder name.
[parentFolder, deepestFolder, ~] = fileparts(folder)
[parentFolder, folder1, ~] = fileparts(parentFolder)
baseFileName = sprintf('%s_%s_AVI.avi', folder1, deepestFolder)
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, baseFileName)
In command window:
parentFolder =
deepestFolder =
parentFolder =
folder1 =
baseFileName =
fullFileName =
Also, see my demo, attached, where I recurse into all subfolders.
John on 14 Aug 2014
Image Analyst, I replied to an older post you made with a question regarding that thread.

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