How Can I Plot f(n*x)

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Mahsa Babaee
Mahsa Babaee on 24 Oct 2021
Commented: Mahsa Babaee on 25 Oct 2021
Dear experts, Hi
Unfortunately I faced difficulties in function plotting. I am apreciated If anybody could guide me how to plot when and & for instance.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Oct 2021
Assuming it's not your homework (because you'd get into trouble for submitting our code as your own), try this:
x = linspace(1, 5, 500); % Only 5 elements if we step by 1 so use more to get a smooth curve.
numberOfSums = 10;
Lx = 10 % A scalar.
n = 1 : numberOfSums % 10 elements
omega = n .* pi / Lx % 10 elements
for k = 1 : numberOfSums
thisOmega = omega(k);
fprintf('Building curve #%d of %d with omega = %.4f...\n', k, numberOfSums, thisOmega);
thisCurve = sin(thisOmega .* x);
if k == 1
fx = thisCurve;
fprintf(' Summing in curve #%d of 10 to the master curve...\n', k);
fx = fx + thisCurve;
plot(x, fx, 'b-', 'LineWidth', 2);
grid on;
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Mahsa Babaee
Mahsa Babaee on 25 Oct 2021
Thank you so much! Your guidances were helpful.
P.S. It's not my homework. You can rest assured!

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