How to group specific values i several vectors following a condition?

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I am struggeling to find a method to extract values that comply with a specific condition from a vector.
The input is a random vector like x = [3,5,13,43,54,3,2,3,5,6,3,18,19,17,25.2,5,3,5,3,59,0,4,3];
I would like to extract the 'blocks' of values, that are e.g. greater than the value of 10.
The expected result would be: res1 = [13,54], res2=[18,19,17,25.2] and res3=[59]
The number of result vectors is not predetermined, as x is a random vector. The result would not have to be extracted as vectors, cells would be fine as well.
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 25 Oct 2021
IMHO, according to the rules , the result should be : res1 = [13,43,54], res2=[18,19,17,25.2] and res3=[59]
and this is the code that achieve it :
x = [3,5,13,43,54,3,2,3,5,6,3,18,19,17,25.2,5,3,5,3,59,0,4,3];
%% main code
ind = (x>10);
nb_of_blocks = length(p)/2;
for ci = 1:nb_of_blocks
ii = (1:2)+(ci-1)*2;
block{ci} = x(p(ii(1))+1:p(ii(2)));

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