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Can the 'save as' or 'print' size be customer configured?

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The question came from the publication figures. People use 'Adobe Illustrator' and other alternatives to produce vector figures.
Those software can convert .pdf into .svg. The vector figure is then copied into .doc or .ppt and work well.
However, when 'save as' .pdf or 'print' '-dpdf', the output size is set to [8" 11"]. The .pdf figure contains only part of the figure. Or the figure size is reduced and the the out put is OK. But this has a problem. As 'save as' .pdf or 'print' '-dpdf' exports vector graphics (which is desired), when the size is reduced, the output pdf become undesired vector. For example, a long sinusoidal curve became 'stairs' instead. Full size looks good, but only half a page.
Assuming the 'print paper size' can be configured to size other than 'letter'. How to configure the 'paper' size to larger size, say [11" 17"]?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 2 Oct 2014
Edit the 'PaperSize' and 'PaperPosition' properties of the figure.
doc figure
And click on "figure properties"


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