Help! Evaluation of csv measurement data

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Meike on 24 Nov 2021
Commented: Meike on 26 Nov 2021
Hello dear ones,
unfortunately I am a total Matlab beginner and I really need to evaluate my measurement data with Matlab.I want to import height data from a grid (picture), which was taken with a microscope, in csv format as a matrix and then evaluate it.After reading in the data, values above a certain limit are to be set to 0 or above the limit to 1. The bars should only consist of 1s and he should then count, for example, how many 1s come in sequence, so that you can convert this to a length.
Finally, the bars of the grid are to be measured and output as an Excel file.
This is how I started:
M = readmatrix('Dataname.csv','NumHeaderLines', 52);
The probelm is he changes rows and columns and when the plot, the image is mirrored.
Can you continue to calculate with "logical" and evaluate measurement data?
I would be super happy for any help!!!

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Answers (1)

Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 25 Nov 2021
hello Meike
seems what you looking for is just a fraction of the full M array
if you plot the full M array , we get this
M = readmatrix('Dataname.csv','NumHeaderLines', 52); % size M : 3912 x 934
axis square
if I restrict to lines 1900 to end ( = 3912) , then we get the lower half => the picture you wanted
axis square
Meike on 26 Nov 2021
No, the narrow yellow/green bars of the grid are to be measured vertically and horizontally.

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