How to register and average images together from a mat file

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I was given a mat file that contains a collection of shifted frames. I need to figure out how to register the shifted frames and average them together. I am pretty unfamiliar with this side of matlab so I don't really know where to begin, any help would be appreciated.
I have attached the mat file and the jpeg.

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 29 Nov 2021
yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 30 Nov 2021
yes,sir,may be use moving matrix,such as
close all
load( 'undergraduate_data.mat' ); % 125-by-125-by-30
[optimizer, metric] = imregconfig('monomodal');
% Assuming first image is fixed
new = photoshift;
for index = 2:1:size(photoshift, 3)
imagesc(photoshift(:, :, index)); grid on; daspect( [1 1 1] );drawnow
% use now photoshift and last new
new(:,:,index) = imregister(photoshift(:, :, index),new(:,:,index-1),"affine",optimizer, metric);
imagesc(new(:, :, index)); grid on; daspect( [1 1 1] );drawnow
average_new = mean(new,3);
figure; imshow(average_new,[]);

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