How to run this loop and make sure the information from a struct is assigned as a simple m x n x k ? My loop is overwriting the information

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I am trying to have the N vector as an m x n x k extracting the information from a struct suite
but the loop here is being overwritten. How can I avoid the overwriting in this loop?
if isempty(locations) || nargin==2
locations = find([Suite(:).active]); %active locations [1 2 4 6]
for loc = 1:13
if Suite(loc).active
for i=locations
M=zeros(size(Suite(i).scani,1), size(Suite(i).scani,2), length(find([Suite(i).active])));
juan sanchez
juan sanchez on 11 Dec 2021
I have information stored in a suite where each location is able to store velocity in (rows indicating time, columns indicating heights). The only active locations are 1 2 4 and 6. However I want to extract that information from the suite so that I have it as a normal matlab matrix Velocity(rows,columns, pages) so that each page takes the location.
The length of location will give me the right order 1 2 3 4 as I wish the pages to be stored but the suite has the information in locations 1 2 4 and 6. I tried to do a double loop but the information is all being overwritten. Then the size of the first 2 locations has 15600 rows but the last two rows have a size of 20800 so preallocating is also an issue.

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