incorrect argument for input size

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new_user on 19 Dec 2021
Commented: Voss on 20 Dec 2021
i am getting error message when trying to resize input images. I want to resize input images similar to the input layer of the cnn netwrok. I was able to do resizing in simialr way eith other networks but this network is not working.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 19 Dec 2021
Like the message says, there is no 'InputSize' property of a layerGraph. But an imageInputLayer does have an 'InputSize' property, and a layerGraph has layers which may be of class imageInputLayer, so probably you mean to refer to the InputSize of an imageInputLayer that is one of the layers of the layerGraph.
Voss on 20 Dec 2021
Sorry, I don't know much about neural networks. I just searched and read through some of the documentation to come up with that answer.

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