After we we set up a range in a given X axis, how can we have the labels be in exponential form 10^power at each tick mark, not as a single multiplier x10^power?

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ax1.FontSize = 17;
ax1.Units = 'normalized';
ax1.XColor = 'k';
ax1.XScale = 'log'; %'linear' % see Axes Properties
ax1.XTick = logspace(log10(nOut(2)),log10(nOut(end)),5); %Define the Numbers in the X axis (Log 0 is Inf number, so start from second nOut)
ax1.XTick = round(ax1.XTick*2)/2;
ax1.XAxis.TickLabelFormat = '%.2f'; %Define the decimal places in the Numbers displayed in the X-axis
The numbers in the x axis are displayed as decimals. See Attached picture

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