LSB embeded using image steganography

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Abduellah Elbakoush
Abduellah Elbakoush on 5 Jan 2022
Commented: yanqi liu on 6 Jan 2022
Can you help me for understand this code (S)
x = imread(cover); % cover message
y = imread(message); % message image
n = input('Enter the no of LSB bits to be subsituted- ');
S = uint8(bitor(bitand(x,bitcmp(2^n-1,8)),bitshift(y,n-8))); %Stego
E = uint8(bitand(255,bitshift(S,8-n))); %Extracted
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yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 6 Jan 2022
yes,sir,what value should n set?such as 7、6、……

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