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How to use all CPU cores

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Ng Yong Jie
Ng Yong Jie on 24 Jan 2022
Answered: Aashita Dutta on 27 Jan 2022
I have 16 cores and 32 logical processors but only 16 out of the 32 processors are being used for my Matlab which takes very long run time. How can I make my computer to utilize all of the CPU and processors?

Accepted Answer

Aashita Dutta
Aashita Dutta on 27 Jan 2022
As per my understanding, you are trying to fully utilize all CPU logical processors for faster execution of the program.
To resolve this issue, you can leverage Parallel Computing Toolbox that accelerates workflow using multicore processors where Parallel for-Loops (Section 2) can help execute loops parallelly. Also ‘Profiling is helpful to investigate parts of code where the most time is spent.
For more information, please refer to the Parallel Computing document.

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