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How to make my quiver plot readable?

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A LL on 24 Jan 2022
Commented: A LL on 24 Jan 2022
I have the vector field (U,V) of size 361x361 that I want to plot as a quiver plot.
For now, the vector field is just unreadable because there are too many arrows plotted and the arrows are way too small (see image below).
How can I plot fewer arrows on my quiver plot and make the arrows bigger so that we can understand the figure?
I have attached the data for U and V.
Here is my code:
hold on;
h1 = quiver(U,V,'k');
set(h1,'AutoScale','on', 'AutoScaleFactor', 5)
axis equal square
xlim([0 360]);
ylim([0 360]);
shading flat;
axis ij;
Thank you

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 24 Jan 2022
You have limited the axes to a large extent. Don't limit the axes. Remove these lines:
xlim([0 360]);
ylim([0 360]);
Let MATLAB select the axes automatically depending on the limits. (Here dimensions).
It looks like there are lot many NaN's in the data. You may remove them, select only square region which have values.
If you want to skip some data and plot. Use as show below:
id = 4 ; % plot every 4th value
h1 = quiver(U(1:id:end,1:id:end),V(1:id:end,1:id:end),'k');

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