How to connect a Simulink Project to an existing Git repository.

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Hi all,
I am working on a project which, among others, includes several Matlab/Simulink files. I am currently performing version control through Git (for instance, I have Git Bash installed). However, with this setup, I found extremely hard to merge two branches when there are different version of the same Simulink model, since Git open .mdl files as text files. On the other hand, I have discovered that it is possible to perform version control through Git directly from Simulink! That is AMAZING!
Nevertheless, I have to setup my environment to be able to do that, and I have a couple of questions. Assume that my working folder is called MyProject and I am currently tracking some files/subfolders in there.
1. To start using Simulink project together with Git, I don't understand if I should create a new Simulink Project with MyProject as "main" directory and then "Select from Source Control" indicating the already existing remote repository, or if I should do the other way around, i.e.I have to select "Add project to source control" and then perform a "push" to the remote repository to have everything aligned.
2. If I change some non-matlab file (e.g. some .txt or .xml file), can I still use Git with Git Bash, or I necessarily have to use Simulink GUI all the time?

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