how to make a stereo video in matlab?

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mehdi sadeghi nejad
mehdi sadeghi nejad on 23 Nov 2014
Answered: Steve Miller on 25 Jun 2021
Hi everyone
I need to make a stereo video from a CAD object imported to simmechanics and process this video to find the distance of the object from the camera which this video is making of; And now I really don't know how to make a stereo video in an animated environment? I really appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Jun 2021
In Simscape Multibody, you can generate videos from different viewpoints for the same simulation results. You can define two (or more) camera locations offset from one another and generate videos for each viewpoint. Combining these videos should give you what you need.

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